GR 1158

Polymer Composition:
Uncross-linked , Un-plasticised Polyvinyl Acetate Copolymer Emulsion
Polymer Type:
Binder/Latex Polymer


  • It is a medium viscosity, fast setting emulsion
  • It can be easily compounded with commonly used plasticizers, solvents, thickeners and fillers
  • Bond strength development is rapid
  • The dried films have excellent resistance to water as they do not re-emulsify or dissolve when immersed into water


  • It can be used as a water resistant Wood Glue which complies with the requirements of EN204 Class D3
  • It can be used for the manufacture of adhesives for hot pressing applications
  • Cross-linked further with a suitable poly isocyanate resin, GR 1158 can be used to manufacture water-resistant two-component wood glues to satisfy the requirements of EN 204 Class D4
  • Used in the manufacture of paper and packaging adhesives