GR 1103

Polymer Composition
Cross-linked and plasticised polyvinyl acetate copolymer emulsion
Polymer Type
Binder/Latex polymer


  • It forms cross-linked and plasticised flexible polymer film,
  • Excellent resistance to microbial attack.
  • It is suitable for the production of good quality aqueous emulsion paints and laminating adhesives.
  • It has medium viscosity hence fast setting time.
  • The dry film is clear and with good flexibility.
  • It can be easily compounded with commonly used plasticizers, solvents, thickeners and fillers


  • GR 1103 is suitable as a binder for medium to low PVC emulsion paints hence it can be used for both interior and exterior wall paints.
  • Due to excellent rheological properties, GR 1103 is suitable for the manufacture of laminating adhesives with good running properties, flow and setting speed.
  • It is suitable for paper, board and film applications.