Polymer Composition:
Polymer Type:
Wetting Agent


  • An effective wetting agent and surfactant
  • GLODUST 8002 is efficient in both hot and cold liquors and is stable in hard water
  • GLODUST 8002 can be used in the mechanical filtration of minerals and other solutes
  • GLODUST 8002 coalesces water droplets and forms a wetted film on suspended particles allowing for improved drainage and separation
  • GLODUST 8002 can be used with or without the simultaneous usage of flocculants
  • GLODUST 8002 tends to improve pillar strength as a result of efficient time in which dewatering is affected


  • In dewatering during backfill operations, especially in gold mines
  • It is used in filtration of mineral sand and other solutes where it improves the properties of filter cakes and gravity concentration hence the efficiency of mechanical filtration
  • It is effective in wetting airborne particles and promoting rapid suppression thereof