GL 5020

Polymer Composition:
A Sodium Salt of a Low Molecular Weight Polyacrylate Solution
Polymer Type:


  • It improves the wetting and stability of inorganic pigments, fillers and stainers in aqueous systems
  • It effectively reduces the viscosity of the high solid content mixes
  • It can be used on its own in mixes
  • It is compatible with most paints additives
  • It enhances excellent storage stability, temperature stability and viscosity stability for aqueous systems


  • Used whenever one need to disperse a powder in an aqueous system, for instance paints, adhesives, paper coatings, carpet backings etc
  • Is effective over all PVC’s from gloss systems to high extender loaded systems
  • Used in glycol based universal stainers
  • Used as supplied in the grind stage and is best added prior to the addition of pigments and extenders. This gives maximum dispersion of pigments and good colour development