GL 1245

Polymer Composition:
High Caboxylic, Crosslinked Acrylic Copolymer Emulsion
Polymer Type:
Acrylic Thickener


  • Stable in the presence of most electrolytes and solvents
  • Prevents syneresis and does not promote the formation of foam
  • Resistant to enzyme and microbe attack
  • Coatings thickened with GR 1245 show better leveling and film build.
  • In paints it has shown exceptional spatter resistance
  • It has excellent viscosity efficiency, viscosity stability, Newtonian rheology, particle suspension properties and ease of incorporation


  • Industrial and household cleaners
  • Carpet backing compounds, and adhesives
  • Laminating compounds
  • Used as an alternative to cellulose thickeners generally added in the let-down stage in paints
  • GR 1245 is an associative thickener and its efficiency will vary slightly depending on the binder used and the pH of the system must be greater than pH 8.0 for it to thicken properly